Currently I am reconstructing this page. Although I doubt it will ever be complete.

History and ramblings

The Chat Central no longer exists, and hasn't for a good year or so, due to the fact that GeoCities discontinued the old HTML-style chats in favor of the new "Java" chats, which nobody ever visits and in my opinion, absolutely suck. You would have found me for a good bit of the past year on ( now) playing with Linux and indulging in the UNIX world, but now I own my own Linux system and indulge in the safety of my own computer. :) You may have often found me chatting in the Webnautics Restaurant Chat, but I no longer go there. Now I chat on IRC when I am on the internet, on EFnet, typically the handle "Spirilis". My personal computer now has a DNS: ... if you have a shell account, come over whenever you want (provided my computer is actually UP, that is :-)

Quite a lot has changed since then, I still chat on IRC plenty but I also chat on ICQ and AOL Instant Messenger. On IRC in EFnet I am usually in #cronus since it's the channel I co-founded. Still a Linux user, I do occasional programming and code hacking type stuff. Dunno what else to say.